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Chevy Chase At Home (CC@H) respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, officers and staff, and adheres to the following basic privacy principles:

  1. To protect the confidentiality of personal information about individuals.
  2. To collect personal information directly from the individual concerned, or with the knowledge and consent of that individual.
  3. To inform each person of the purpose and use of requested personal information.
  4. To collect only personal information that is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is intended.
  5. To prohibit the sale or rental of personal information to third parties.
  6. To require CC@H-approved fee-for-service providers to respect the confidentiality of members' personal information.
  7. To delete sensitive personal information from its records once such information is no longer needed.
  8. To enable individuals to update or correct their personal records.

This policy is available as a form for staff, volunteers and service providers to sign and return.

A more extensive statement of our website privacy policy (in accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations) may be accessed through the link at the bottom of every web page.


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If you'd like more information, send an e-mail to or call 301-657-3115.


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Updated: 1/12/19 jta