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Below are links to some of the villages, groups, or agencies that can be informational for seniors (and their families) who want to know more about this lifestyle.

Similar Communities Nearby (Aging in Place "Villages")
If you live in Montgomery County (MC), Maryland, and want to locate the Village in your neighborhood, please view this Interactive Map. If there is no Village in your MC neighborhood and you need transportation, please contact Connect a Ride between 9 AM and 5 PM, 301-738-3253.

MoCo Interactive Map
Mo Senior Transportation

For a full listing of Washington, DC Area Villages, including those in development, please see the listing on the Washington Area Village Exchange, or WAVE website. For information on the national Village movement, please visit the Village To Village Network, or VtoV network.


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Are you ready for emergencies (storms leading to power and water outages, etc.)?
Listed below are some documents that may help you prepare for upcoming storms (predicted and otherwise).
Maryland and Montgomery County Senior Resources and Reports

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Reporting Fraud and Scams

NEW!! Scams: What You Need to Know - A comprehensive list and descriptions of common scams, especially by telephone, from Maryland State Attorney General's Division of Consumer Protection. 

If you have received phone calls purportedly from an IRS agent saying you owe taxes, contact the Treasury Department:
If you know you don’t owe taxes or have no reason to believe that you do, report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 1.800.366.4484 or at If you have caller ID, give the TIGTA people the scammer's phone number.
If you think you've been scammed, read this article, then call the Fraud Hotlines listed below.
  • The FTC:  877-382-4357 - they are keeping detailed records and trying to find the perpetrators.
  • The U.S. Senate Special Commission on Aging Fraud Hotline:  855-303-9470 - they're trying to enact some form of legislation to stop or slow down these types of calls.
  • Homeland Security Tip Line:  866-347-2423 (option 9) - they too will investigate.
  • If money actually changes hands, the Montgomery County Fraud Division:  301-279-8000 - they'll investigate if an actual crime occurs.
Other Organizations - Links to Organizations and Reports


Aging in Place Websites
  • Aging In Place Technology Watch - A market research firm that provides thought leadership, analysis and guidance about technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice.

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Choosing Wisely
This is a movement initiated by the American Board of Internal Medicine and developed and implemented by more than 40 medical specialty, allied health and consumer organizations to identify the rationale for the use of some of the most common diagnostic tests and therapies, as well as to indicate the most common unneccessary/potentially harmful uses.

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Handy Tips
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